Category of Services




Preparing Rank List-Usually for Promotions

Identifying Managerial & Leadership Talent

Creating Individual Development Plans

Job fitment or Training need Identification

Online Psychometric Assessments

Ideal Profile Creation for Recruitment for Specific Positions

Cognitive Ability Screening for Mass Recruitment

Assessment Center

High Potential Identification

Development Center

Competency Gap Assessment

Lateral Hiring

Niche Position Hiring

Screening for Campus Recruitment

Performance improvement

Retention of the team

Employee Ownership of Learning

Competency Development

Employee Retention & Team Performance Improvement

Filling Up Critical Positions

Quality & Quantity of Hiring

Organization Direction and Milestones

Organization Strategy

Organization Structure

Competencies available & required

Policies, Systems and Processes as well as the infrastructure required

Compensation & Benefits

Organization Culture

Organisation Direction and Milestones

Organisation Strategy

Organization Structure

Policies Competency Development

Policies, Systems and Processes as well as the infrastructure required

Compensation & Benefits

Organization Culture

Employee Satisfaction & Contribution

Spokesperson/ Human face of the Organisation

Right Sizing/ Relocation or Closure of existing factories / Business Units

Opening new Factories/ Business Units

Organisation Goal Achievement

Employee Satisfaction, Contribution and Compensation

Organization Structure

Performance Improvement & Building Succession pipeline

Employee Retention and Performance Improvement

Retention of performers and attracting best talent

Sustainable Growth

Employee Retention and Performance Improvement

Organization Goodwill

Revenue & Profitability Growth

With in the HR Budget & Timelines

Future readiness assessment and Competitive benchmarking

Sales Analysis, Product mix analysis, Marketing mix analysis, Market Share Analysis, Customer Mix Analysis and Customer Satisfaction Survey.
Efficiency ratios and On time delivery

Profitability ratios

Strategy and Planning

Sales and Marketing

Operations & Supply Chain


Competitive advantage

Improvement in client acquisition, Wallet share, Market share, New products sales etc.

Efficiency Improvement, Customer retention etc.

Implementable action plans based on insightful report

Accountability Survey

Coaching and Collaboration Survey

Diversity and Inclusion Survey

Living the Organization Values Survey

Creativity and Innovative Survey

Satisfaction Survey

Engagement Survey

Engagement review system and Performance management system

Coaching culture and Team Work

Inclusive culture

Value Based Management

Innovation Culture

Enjoyable Work Environment

Engaged Team


  Implementation Channels


On Time Delivery and Customer satisfaction

Efficiency Improvement, Growth of Employees and Retention

Improvement in Customer Satisfaction Index and Better Crisis Management

Improvement in Number of Customers, Revenue and Profit and Retention of Employees

Number of New Products,Services and Patents

Employee Retention

Improvement in Retention and number of Customers, Retention of Employees, Growth in Revenue and Profit

Training Need Identification

Instruction Design:

Domain Training

106 Skill building programs

      For HR team (20)

      For Sales, BD, Marketing &
      KAM team (15),

      For Managers & Leaders (21)

      For all employees ( 50)
500 Willingness Building Programs (Experiential Leaning / Out Bound Training),

      Team work (100)

      Communication Skills (50)

      Change Management (50)

      Six Sigma (35),
      Creativity & Innovation (30)

      Ice Breakers & Energizers (150),
      Strategic Management (30),

      Vision & Value alignment (20)

      Overcoming Limiting beliefs /
  Fears ( 35 )

Behavioral Change tracking (Reviews & Mobile App based), Impact in team, Impact in customers & Business Impact

Personality Assessment

Executive Coaching


Group Coaching

Guided Peer Coaching

Tracking the Behavioural Change & Goal Achievement

Career Interest Assessment

Orienting Mentors

Orienting Mentees

Scheduling & Monitoring No. of Discussions

Mentor-Mentee Relationship Building

Personal Goal Achievement & Satisfaction of Mentees

Retention of Employees

Performance Improvement

One to one discussion

Reduction in the absenteeism & attrition

Absenteeism & Leave pattern analysis

Instant virtual access to GP Doctor, Experienced paramedic support on site, Medicine delivery to the office and Track health status

Improvement in attendance

Reduction of slick leave of employees

Reduction in casual leave to take immediate family member for medical aid

On time delivery to clients & Improvement in Customer satisfaction


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